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11/19/2008 11:06:00 PM

ShadouBusiness created!

Posted by Lorgen Shadoufang

I've decided that the best way to organize myself in the web-world is to create different blogs for my widely different interests.

This particular one, ShadouBusiness, was conceived with my decision to organize and be able to share my journey in the business arena. I've always talked with my buddy Raymond Lazaro* about business. He's always wanted to get research done on business. I've always been researching about business stuff. What bothered me was how disorganized I was at it.

This is one step towards easing my bothers :'p

Wish me luck.
No, wait... I don't believe in sheer luck.

Wish me the best.**
*Who has a Friendster account :'p
**Thanks, Sir David Smithers.


Lorgen Shadoufang said...

This blog looks great! ='D

raymond jose said...

shadouness rox dem ol ahihi

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